Buller District Council

Inspections and completion

How to book a building inspection

From Monday 7 March, until further notice, the opportunity to walk in and meet with a duty building inspector will be suspended until further notice.

From this date, you will need to make an appointment to see a building inspector.

You can do this by sending an appointment request to BDC-Duty.Inspector@bdc.govt.nz or through the service request system at www.bullerdc.govt.nz

Please note there will be a wait period before you receive you will be advised of your appointment time and also with enquiry responses. These matters will be prioritised and timeframes of at least 10 working days are to be expected.

We apologise for any inconvenience and frustration this may cause.

Your consent documents will identify the type and number of inspections required eg prepour, floor slab, preline plumbing etc. For more information refer to our Inspection Requirements on the Information and Fees and Charges page.

It is the responsibility of the owner and/or builder to ensure that the appropriate inspections are booked when and as they are required. It is essential that these inspections are carried out so that Council can be satisfied before issuing the Code Compliance Certificate that the building work carried out complies with approved plans and specifications.

The approved building consent plans and specifications (stamped copies) must be available on site in order for the inspection to be carried out. If they are not available a further inspection may need to be carried out which will incur an additional cost.

As part of a commercial/industrial building consent, additional specialist engineering inspections may be required, as well as a requirement for producer statements to be presented to Council on job completion.

Council must decide whether to issue a code compliance certificate within two years from the date the consent was issued. If you are unable to complete the work within this timeframe you need to contact Council to request an extension of time.  There is a small fee for an extension of time.


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