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Deadline approaching for Chorus and Buller District Council’s art initiative

25th August, 2021

The current lockdown doesn’t affect the deadline for submissions to the Chorus and Buller District Council cabinet art initiative, so artists are encouraged to get their designs in.

Chorus Community Relations Manager Jo Seddon says lockdown shouldn’t discourage artists from applying.

“All the cabinets can be seen on Google Street View so there is no need to feel entries can’t be made just because you can’t physically visit the chosen sites,” she said.

“We’re actually hoping that instead this might give artists the time they need to work on their designs and get them in the running for selection.

“Entries are made through the website so there is no reason at all for artists to feel they can’t apply.

“When the weather improves and restrictions ease, we’ll be all set to see these great works come to life.”

This year two cabinets in Westport have been chosen for beautification and artists have until 5pm September 1 to get their designs in.

Requests for designs are now open and the winning design for each cabinet will be chosen from entries received.

Information can be found on Chorus’ dedicated webpage: https://www.chorus.co.nz/community/cabinet-art-programme

Existing Chorus murals can be seen here: https://www.chorus.co.nz/blog/cabinet-art-gallery/




For more information please contact:
Chorus Community Relations Manager
Jo Seddon
027 655 5135


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