Buller District Council

Customer Satisfaction Survey Key Findings

16th September, 2019

Thanks for rating us, below is a summary of the findings from Council’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Question 1: In the last 12 months, which, if any, of the following have you done with Buller District Council?

Question 2: How would you rate the customer service you receive from Buller District Council? [% ≠ 100 due to rounding]

Question 3: Based on your experiences of customer service from Council, what would you say Council does well?

Question 4: What could Council do to make you give them a higher score?

Question 5: Did you feel that your matter was dealt with in an acceptable timeframe?

Question 6: Do you have any other comments/feedback/suggestions?

Question 7: What is the best way for Council to communicate with you?


Key Findings:

  • Presently the proportion of customers classified as detractors (rating Council customer service as 0-6 out of 10) exceeds those classified as promoters (those rating Council customer service as 9 or 10 out of 10), with 42% and 32% respectively.
  • Those with a positive view highlight the performance of staff and the friendly, helpful service they receive, while those with a negative perception of Council customer service highlight this as an area for improvement.
  • The most common responses to the question of what Council does well noted being friendly and helpful (n=125), responsiveness (n=40) and staff being knowledgeable and informative (n=36).
  • Providing good communication, and a noticeable improvement in communication from Council were also noted as a positive (n=27).
  • The most common responses to the question of what Council could do to improve a customer’s rating noted being friendlier/more helpful (n=52), being more responsive (n=50), and better listening and communication (n=30).
  • The greatest area of opportunity to improve customer ratings is in dealing with complaints – both those relating to services provided by Council and those on compliance issues.
  • The key issue for complaints appears to be responsiveness. People with these types of interaction with Council are significantly less likely to agree that their issues are resolved in an appropriate timeframe, and are also significantly more likely to make comments regarding responsiveness when asked what Council can do better.
  • The leading opportunities for Council to improve in its interactions with customers include being friendlier and more helpful, more responsive and undertaking customer service training.
  • Listening and communication/engagement were also listed amongst desired improvements, although some comments direct this more at general Council communications with the public rather than in relation to customer service.
  • Other areas of opportunity for Council include improving perceptions of transparency (n=21), and street and community maintenance (n=21).
  • A majority of residents did not have any other comments. Those that did highlighted a range of specific issues.
  • Email was the preferred means of communication noted by the majority of respondents (54%).

Winners of the prizes from the Customer Satisfaction Survey are:

A Pulse Highlanders jersey M Williams
A sports bag and racket bag donated by NBS S White
Family movie pass for the NBS Theatre B Fowler
Family movie pass for the NBS Theatre G Field
Family swim pass for the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre P Hately
Family swim pass for the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre A Menzies
Family swim pass for the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre K Jensen
Personal Trainer at the Pulse Energy Recreation Centre N Petrie
$100 meal voucher donated by Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar Y Smith
$100 New World voucher donated by Westport New World H Dennis

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