Buller District Council

Council staff engagement survey results

1st July, 2021

A report to Buller District Council shows overall staff engagement levels have increased 9% to 83% since the previous survey in August 2019.

This result is 15% higher than the global benchmark of employee engagement.

Through the survey staff reported a noticeable culture shift, improvement in communication with the public and the well-being of the community at forefront of mind.

The highest rated area related to leadership, with staff reporting that the person they report to contributes to a positive workplace culture and is a positive role model.

Satisfaction with equipment, systems, and processes to assist staff effectively and efficiently carry out their jobs dropped from 2019.

Council’s chief executive office Sharon Mason says that with Council adopting the 2021 – 2031 Long Term (LTP) plan at yesterday’s (Wednesday 30 June) meeting, staff will focus on a project as outlined in the draft plan to upgrade the information management system.

“The system needs an overhaul to bring it up to speed so that it can meet customers’ and staff needs.”

Organisation Development Institute (ODI) was engaged to conduct the survey and the report they presented to council made four recommendations:

  • Improve efficiency through updating systems and processes.
  • Manage workload to enable staff to meet deadlines.
  • Work on continued and improved communication between department and teams.

The report also encouraged council to continue to focus on strong leadership and culture.


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