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Council improves website experience

31st May, 2021

It just got a whole lot easier to lodge a service request with Buller District Council online. It is also easier to find out how to minimise waste and get information about council’s Reefton Service Centre.

Group manager community services Rachel Townrow says council is always looking for ways to improve customer experience and that includes online interactions.

“We know our customers want an improved experience on council’s website. In response we’ve created a direct link from the homepage to the service request form. This makes it easier to find where to lodge service requests. We’ve also optimised the online form to be user friendly on mobile devices and added the ability to upload photos and files.”

Service requests are how residents can alert council to things that need its attention – such as leaking pipes, roaming dogs, illegally dumped rubbish, and damage to public facilities.

Website improvements include information about the Reefton Service Centre with navigation provided from the home page.

“The Reefton Service Centre is an important and powerful connection to the Reefton community. Having its own page and a link from the homepage will make it easier to find information about the services offered at council’s office in Reefton.”

As part of a strategy to improve Buller’s waste management, council has also provided extensive information on its website about how to minimise waste. A new Facebook page called Reduce Reuse Refuse Buller has been launched (@RRRBuller). This page provides tips and info about how to reduce rubbish.

Ms Townrow says with the central government increasing charges for handling waste it makes sense to equip the community with tools to minimise waste.

“The less rubbish households produce, the less they will spend on rubbish bags and there will be fewer trips to the transfer stations.”

The best way to avoid costs associated with processing rubbish is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“I encourage residents to visit our website and like our new Facebook page @RRRBuller to keep up to date, get inspired, and informed about how to minimise waste.”

“Our aim is to improve the user experience and although these three changes on the website are small, they can make a big difference.”


For more information contact:
Rachel Townrow


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