Buller District Council

Community Thanked for “incredible spirit and resilience”

8th February, 2022

Buller flood recovery manager Bob Dickson would like to thank the people of Westport and the Buller district for their incredible spirit and resilience over the last week.

“Thank you to all of the residents who followed the advice from Civil Defence throughout the event, and to all of the community organisations, businesses and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to keep people safe, warm and dry.  Our community has once again shown its strength in the face of adversity.

I want to reassure people that the flood recovery community support structures, which have been in place for the last six months, will continue for the foreseeable future.  The team at the Hub are ready and able to help.  If you have any questions or concerns, or are feeling that things are getting too tough, please reach out to us.  Also contact us if you know of someone who might need assistance: visit 175 Palmerston Street, Westport or phone 0800 768 348.”

Mr Dickson said the Emergency Operations Centre performed extremely well during last week’s flood event, coordinating emergency relief efforts and communications between Buller District Council, West Coast Regional Council, emergency services, and central government agencies.  This team is currently monitoring the weather forecast in light of the orange warning issued by the MetService, and is in communication with West Coast Civil Defence Emergency Management.

“I realise that coming so soon after the last event, people might be feeling anxious.  Please rest assured that we are monitoring the situation and we are prepared. Again if you have concerns, please contact the Hub. They have an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable team who can assist you to access a wide-range of support.”


For more information please contact:
Bob Dickson
Recovery Manager
Buller District Council


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