Buller District Council

Buller Economic Stimulus Fund

29th January, 2016

The Buller District Council is calling for applications to the Buller Economic Stimulus Fund.

Development West Coast has allocated a $1 million stimulus fund to each of the three West Coast districts.  The purpose of this fund is to stimulate business development and growth in each district.  Priority will be given to applications that achieve leveraging of additional funding from Central Government and/or other funding sources.  While Council will review applications, the final decision to approve or decline a project proposal rests with the Board of Development West Coast.

Further details, criteria and application forms are available via the Council website www.bullerdc.govt.nz/funding
and from the Council Offices in Westport and Reefton.

The deadline for all applications to the Buller Economic Stimulus Fund is
4pm on Thursday 31st March 2016.  Late applications will not be accepted


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