Buller District Council

Buller Arts & Recreation Trust

The Buller district is moving towards a future that invests in its people, and towards fostering an environment that achieves continuing growth.

The Buller Arts and Recreation Trust (BART) is a charitable trust developed to take a leadership role in developing funding opportunities and support for Buller community projects.

As part of this goal, BART is committed to;

  • providing long-term, stable stewardship of donors funds through robust trustee appointment processes and professional management
  • accountability through annual audits and transparent reporting processes to donors and the community

Our current Buller Arts and Recreation Trust Trustees are;

  • Robyn Nahr (Chair) nahr@xtra.co.nz
  • Phil Rutherford
  • Margaret Lilley
  • Peter Doncliff
  • Jo Howard

Commitment to quality community facilities for local people

Well proven ‘lifestyle infrastructure’ such as leisure facilities, are an important component of a successful economic development strategy. BART supports the drive by the Buller District Council and the West Coast Development Trust to provide this quality community infrastructure for our local people.

These projects are outlined in the Council’s Long-Term and Annual Plans.

How can you help?

The need to be philanthropic (to help other people through giving of our personal wealth) is fundamental to the success of our societies. It connects people, helps to build communities and can make a real difference in our lives.

Businesses can provide support by becoming a corporate partner, Individuals can choose to make contributions through donations and bequests.

If you would like more information on BART or the current fundraising project, please contact the Buller Arts and Recreation Trust;

PO Box 403
Ph 027 426 6191



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