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Rates database integrity review paper

30 Mar 2022

The Finance Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) received a public excluded paper last Wednesday 23 March 2022 summarising the rates database integrity review.

Council engaged an external consultant to review council’s internal systems and processes following on from the last rates review consultation which raised concerns regarding council’s rates database integrity.

The key outcomes of the external review and resolution were:

Council has internal systems and processes in place to maintain the data integrity of rating information
The rating policy requires legal review and input to determine key priority changes required to ensure the rating policy is fit for purpose for the future.
On receipt of legal advice and suggested priority changes, a project plan will be developed and brought back to FRAC for approval.
An external consultant will be engaged to develop a rates review framework and community consultation plan for the newly elected council to consider (local government elections are scheduled for October 2022, hence the project will extend beyond the tenure of the current council).
FRAC has instructed council’s chief executive officer to prepare a staff submission to the 2022/23 Annual Plan process to provide a budget to cover the costs required for this project to be completed.
Council remains committed to completing a rates review and acknowledges this is a very complex and challenging process for councillors, staff and the community given the historical legacy amalgamation differentials and three unsuccessful rate review attempts. Given the timeline around the next local government elections and following on from two significant flood events , transition into recovery and challenges through COVID-19, it is not practical or possible to complete a rates review prior to the next local government election.

However, Councillors will endeavour to provide a framework and project plan based on sound legal and independent consultant advice for a future council to progress the review.


For more information please contact:
Deputy Mayor
Sharon Roche