Buller District Council

About our airport

We are a small, but busy, little airport, ready to welcome aircraft and passengers on our daily Sounds Air flights to and from Westport.

Regular users of our facilities are recreational flyers, charter flights, flight training schools, medi-vac services and the New Zealand Air Force.

The airport is owned jointly by the Crown and the Buller District Council. The Buller District Council operates the airport on behalf of the partnership as a business unit of the Buller District Council under the provisions of the Airport Authorities Act 1966. This partnership between the Council and Ministry of Transport was formed to ensure aerodrome services to general aviation aircraft, commercial operators, airline operators, NZAF and aeromedical operators in the northern West Coast.

Management and control of the airport is overseen by the Buller District Council, who manage operations on a day-to-day basis.


Fuel facilities
A fuel facility offers Avgas and JetA1. Located near the terminal building, all aircraft operators can access this supply using a BP swipe card. If you want to buy aviation fuel at the airport with your BP fuel card, you need to make sure your account is transferred over to RDP to ensure the BP card is accepted on the fuel pumps at our airport. Card holders can contact RDP on 0800 440014 or accounts@rdp.co.nz.

Non-aircraft operators will need to contact the airport manager to get access via main gate.

Runway lighting
Pilot Activated, Runway Lighting System can be turned on by approaching aircraft from 16kms away. To active the runway lights, transmit 5 pulses of 0.3 seconds duration within 3 seconds on PAL 119.1. Lights will be activated for 30 minutes.

Emergency response

The Westport Airport has an Emergency Response Plan to ensure that a well-co-ordinated response plan is available to airport users, airport staff, emergency agencies, and the community to respond in the event of an emergency.

The Emergency Response Plan sets out the responsibilities, command structure, communications and co-ordination functions required of various personnel and agencies involved in dealing with emergencies at the airport.

View and download the Emergency Response Plan here

Landing charges

Aviators using the airport will need to pay landing fees.

Please check the AIP before landing at Westport Airport for operational information.

Click for this information here

For landing fees, click on the PDF below.

Westport Airport Landing Fees 2021


A brief glance at what ‘s been happening at your airport. 

Westport Airport Newsletter April 2021 (12Mb)


Westport Airport Operations Manual 

This document together with the and Safety Management System, defines the organisation and sets out the means and methods for ensuring ongoing compliance with Rule Part 139 of the Westport Airport.

It describes the managerial and functional operations of the airport, including its Safety Management Systems. It describes how the airport intends to comply with the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand Rules, Part 139, in particular Part 139.77, and other Acts, Rules and Regulations.

View and download the Westport Airport Operations Manual here

Westport Airport Conditions of use

The conditions of use are applicable to all operators and users at the Westport Airport. View and download the Westport Airport Conditions of Use here.

Westport Airport Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent for the Westport Airport for the year 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 is as follows:

Westport Airport Statement of Intent (136Kb)


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