Buller District Council


13th October, 2016

In accordance with Section 86 of the Local Electoral Act 2001, the result of the elections for the various Buller District issues are as follows, noting that the names of the candidates appear in the same order for each issue as they appeared on the voting papers:


Buller District Council, Seddon Ward Councillors (two required)

 Bronwyn Anne ANDERSON 301

Richard John MARSH 200

Emily Clare MIAZGA 305

Victoria-Alexia Mae LARKING 88

Martin John HILL 306


BLANK (including 11 returned unopened) 16

I therefore declare Emily Clare MIAZGA and Martin John HILL elected.


Buller District Council, Inangahua Ward Councillors (two required)

David John HAWES 267

Wendy Anne MITCHELL 240

Graeme Thomas NEYLON 297


BLANK (including 39 returned unopened) 53

I therefore declare David John Hawes and Graeme Thomas Neylon elected.


Buller District Council, Westport Ward Councillors (six required)

Alan John NEILL 370

Philip John RUTHERFORD 1516

Jamie William CLEINE 1222

Mary-Rose Margaret O’LOUGHLIN 520

Shayne Marie BARRY 1279

Sharon Patricia ROCHE 1507

Kim ASHBY 1016

Andrew Charles BEAUMONT 403

Gina-Lee DUNCAN 516

Gregory William HART 1336

Andrew James BASHER 1149

Robyn Maud NAHR 1449


BLANK (including 48 returned unopened) 58

I therefore declare Philip John Rutherford, Jamie William Cleine, Shayne Marie Barry, Sharon Patricia Roche, Gregory William Hart, and Robyn Maud Nahr to be elected.


In the following issues, the number of candidates equaled the number of vacancies so that for the …


… Buller District Mayor (one required)… I therefore declare Garry Cyril Howard elected.


… Buller District Council, Inangahua Community Board (four required) … I therefore declare Susan Kirkland Barnett, Alun Robert Bollinger, Simon Charles Burke, and Ina Lee Lineham elected.


Within the Buller district, the final counts for the following issues were as follows, with the Electoral Officer for each issue to separately make the necessary declaration:


Development West Coast (Buller district)

Francis Thomas DOOLEY 1207

John Jeremiah O’CONNOR 808

Brent Edward OLDHAM 1348


BLANK (including 98 returned unopened) 295


West Coast Regional Council (Buller constituency)

Terence Neale ARCHER 1919

Neal Rodney CLEMENTSON 2607

James Edwin HILTON 1022


BLANK (including 98 returned unopened) 331


The result for the West Coast District Health Board can be found by clicking on the link below

West Coast District Health Board Election Results



J Rodger

Electoral Officer

11 October 2016


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