Buller District Council

Buller Emergency Management preparations are in full swing for severe weather event

2nd February, 2022
Preparations for potential impacts from the severe weather are well underway in Buller.
Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been stood up in Westport with local and national agencies supporting the district.
Controller Bob Dickson says: “The EOC is fully staffed and current forecasting and modelling shows we could have an event similar to the Westport floods in July 2021.
“We have mobilised resources, activated our local partner agencies, and flood preparations in Westport are underway. Residents are encouraged to self evacuate to friends or families on higher ground or out of district, included in our preparations are plans for mandatory evacuations”
Evacuation Centres across the district and in Greymouth are being activated and more information will follow. People are advised to take bedding, water, food, medication, warm clothes and to remember their pets.
The 3,000 sandbags from this morning have been distributed, there are another 20,000 expected to be delivered at 3pm to the same locations – the Kawatiri Coastal Trail by the Buller Bridge. We will post an update once the additional supply arrives.
“We know this is a very stressful time for Buller residents but we have proven it once – if we stick together as a community we can get through this together.”
Residents must be prepared to evacuate at any time over the next few days and to assist those who may need help.
For more information and to keep up to date go to Buller Emergency Management FB page and to listen to Coast FM.

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