Buller District Council

Severe Weather Warning for Buller

31st January, 2018

Buller Civil Defence has been advised that there is potentially a significant weather event and that the combination of Rain, Wind and Storm Surge could have a significant impact on some Communities. This may cause streams and rivers to rise rapidly. Surface flooding, slips and coastal inundation are also possible and driving conditions may be hazardous. We will keep you updated with any changes as this weather system develops. We strongly advise to keep up to date with the latest forecasts and warnings.  Information will be kept up to date on both the Buller District Civil Defence & Buller District Councils Facebook pages through out the night.

Metservice Warning for West Coast

A major storm (Former Cyclone Fehi) currently over the Tasman Sea, is forecast to deepen further and pass across Westland during Thursday.  Models are in very good agreement with the track of this low, and forecasters will monitor it’s track as it approaches New Zealand.   There is a high threat of storm surge about coastal Westland and Buller, especially when king tides occur midday Thursday and shortly after midnight Thursday.  In addition, a period of damaging gales, and heavy rain, is likely over Westland and Buller as this low passes across.


Expect waves of 5 to 7 metres from late Thursday morning to early Friday morning.

Expect king high tide of 3.6 metres about midday Thursday , and 3.5 metres just after midnight Thursday.

Atmospheric low pressure may add an additional 40 to 50cm of sea level rise to the high tides detailed above.


With the king tide expected around midday and midnight, and the sea level rise of 40 to 50cm as the low passes across during Thursday, there is the potential for a storm surge of 70cm to 1m in addition to the average high tide mark.


Heavy Rain Warning for Buller

Issued 02:57pm Wednesday 31 Jan 2018
Marlborough, Nelson, Buller Periods of heavy rain from early Thursday morning to evening. Expect 80 to 150mm during this time, especially about the ranges. Peak intensities 25 to 35mm per hour.

Severe Wind Warning for Buller

Issued 02:57pm Wednesday 31 Jan 2018
Westland and Buller Northeasterly gales developing Thursday morning, turning northwest about midday, then turning southwest and gradually easing during Thursday afternoon and evening. Expect gales gusting 120 km/h or more in exposed places.



Should the event escalate to the higher end of the prediction below are some considerations for Storm preparation:

  • Stay informed on weather updates. Listen to your local radio stations, check Facebook pages as civil defence authorities will be updating the most appropriate advice for your community and situation.


  • Put your household emergency plan into action and check your getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry.


  • Secure, or move indoors, all items that could get blown about and cause harm in strong winds. Turn trampolines upside down.


  • Close windows, external and internal doors. Pull curtains and drapes over unprotected glass areas to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass.


  • If the wind becomes destructive, stay away from doors and windows and shelter further inside the house.


  • Water supplies can be affected so it is a good idea to store drinking water in containers and fill bathtubs and sinks with water.


  • Don’t walk around outside and avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.


  • Power cuts are possible in severe weather. Unplug small appliances which may be affected by electrical power surges. If power is lost unplug major appliances to reduce the power surge and possible damage when power is restored.


  • Bring pets inside. Move stock to shelter. If you have to evacuate, take your pets with you.

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