Buller District Council

Severe Weather Event has Arrived in Buller

1st February, 2018

The predicted weather event has arrived in the Buller district – please note the following to ensure your safety:

Road closures:

Barrytown to Westport Crossroads closed

Lower Buller Gorge- closed

Martins Road – Closed

Both Tiphead roads in Westport – closed

North Beach – Closed

Westport Harbour

Closed until further notice


Schools are advised to keep children inside and parents are not till collect before 1.00pm – buses at this age will still run as normal


Non essential travel is not recommended- there is a large amount of debris flying around the district


Listen to Coast FM for radio updates


Please check your neighbours


Keep away from the beaches


Secure property outside


The Westport Fire Siren has a new rise and fall sound, when you hear that it means there is a call for the Fire Brigade

Talk to us, keep us informed- you are our eyes and ears. Neither us or our contractors can be in all places at one time. If an issue presents itself please phone 03 789 7999.



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