Buller District Council

Representation Review

10th August, 2018

How should the Buller District be represented?

Fair and effective representation for the people in our District is very important, which is why the law
requires Council to consider how all residents are represented at least once every six years.

Council recently opened consultation on the Buller District Council Representation Review. This review
looks at how members of Council are elected. It considers the total number of Councillors, if wards
should be in place or if a district-wide area is appropriate, how any ward boundaries are established,
and the names given to the wards. It also considers community boards.

“This is an opportunity for the community to share with Council how they should best be represented.
Someone could propose a new community board, or propose a change not put forward in the proposal
document – that is absolutely fine and we want to hear from everyone with ideas” says CEO Keith
Marshall. “Council is very committed to achieving fair and effective representation and this can only
happen when we hear what our community thinks”.

Further information about the representation review and submission forms can be found in the
Statement of Proposal which is available at Council offices in Reefton and Westport, Information and
Resource Centres in Karamea, Ngakawau and Punakaiki and online at
www.bullerdc.govt.nz/representation-review. Consultation ends on 31 August 2018.



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