Buller District Council

Rates Overhaul and how it affects you

15th August, 2014

Council is getting underway with a project called the ‘Rates Overhaul’ and it affects every ratepayer in the Buller district.

Ultimately Council will continue to receive the same total amount of money, but the way the rates bills are distributed amongst the ratepayers may change, as some of us may be paying too much rates, and some not enough. Therefore we are trying to find the right balance to make the calculation of rates as fair as possible for all ratepayers.

“Over the next month a series of three information packs will be delivered to all households in the Buller district. These have an explanation of why we need this overhaul, what rates are, how rates are calculated, the system we currently have, and what options are available in trying to find the fairest rates system” comments the Councillor (Cr) leading this project, Lynn Brooks.

As part of this project we will also be doing a roadshow in October followed by public consultation to hear your feedback on this issue. “I encourage all ratepayers to read the information packs when they are delivered, or have a look at the Council website for more information and give us your feedback. It is so important that we get this right” says Cr Brooks.

Over the next few months the Council will be working hard to ensure that any changes or decisions made are well considered and representative of the feedback we receive. A final decision on any changes to the rating system will be made in February 2015, with any changes taking effect from 1 July 2015, being the start of the new financial year.

Please click here to view more information on the Rates Overhaul.


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