Buller District Council

Media Release- Council makes notification of abandoned land

28th June, 2019

Buller District Council has made a public notice of its intent to have land declared abandoned and then sell the land. The public notice contains properties located around Charleston. As most of the last known owners on the titles date back to pre-1900, Council deems the land to be abandoned due to these owners being deceased.

Any person who believes they have a claim on the notified land should contact Council. They must provide the Will and supporting documentation used to address the administration of the Estate, or they must make an application to the High Court registry nearest to where the deceased was living when he or she died to lodge their claim.

If no claims on the land are notified within one month after the date of the notice, Council will make an application to the District Court for an order declaring the land abandoned and granting an order to sell the land.

Council does not own any of the abandoned land.  Council’s role is to facilitate the advertising and court processes for the land to be sold.  Anyone interested in purchasing land is able to participate in the sale through the tender process, but it is likely be some time away and Council is not seeking any registrations of interest for the purchase of abandoned land at this time.

Further information, including steps to follow if you believe you have a claim on abandoned land can be found at www.bullerdc.govt.nz/abandoned-land/  or email enquiries may be sent to


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