Buller District Council

Media Release-Buller District Council to commence recruiting its new Chief Executive

27th July, 2018

Within the next week, advertising will begin for a new permanent Chief Executive to the Buller District Council.  Currently Keith Marshall is filling the role on an interim basis and will not be applying for the permanent appointment.

“Given the public interest in this issue we intend to manage the recruitment process ourselves this time round,” said Graeme Neylon, Deputy Mayor and Chair of the Chief Executive Committee.  “In that regard, we have asked Keith to manage and run the process for getting us a new Chief Executive.  A sitting Chief Executive knows exactly what it takes to do the job; and, importantly, what sort of person will make an effective Chief Executive for us.  In a way, Keith will be a bit of a “poacher turned game-keeper” for us in this process.  We considered other ways of approaching the recruitment, but we really think this is the best possible way for us to get a great Chief Executive.”  Mr Neylon said that they were also going to be lucky to be able to draw on the expertise of Interim Chief Executive Keith Marshall’s partner, Louise Buchanan, through the recruiting process; Ms Buchanan has a background in senior human resource management roles including a stint as General Manager Organisational Development with Wrightson.

“A few folk have already asked me about the role and when it might be advertised,” said Keith Marshall.  “To me that shows there will be a good level of interest from talented and capable people wanting to take on the job.  And why wouldn’t they?  This is a fantastic job in a great part of the country; you’ll have a Council who are committed to supporting you to be successful AND a Council organisation just wanting you to succeed too.  What a recipe for success!”

Nationwide advertising will start on 3 August 2018, with a final selection expected in mid- to late-September.  In addition, advertising will be supplemented by a full information briefing pack being publicly available on the Council website.

A rigorous selection process will be undertaken throughout the next couple of months.  Once advertising closes, candidates will be assessed against the key criteria needed and a final ‘long’ list of names brought forward for the Council to consider.  From that ‘long’ list, Council will determine a final short-list of people.  Each short-listed person would then be put through a thorough assessment process and extensive reference checks, which would then be followed by an interview with Council.

Mayor Garry Howard said that the Council was committed to getting a great result.  “It is essential we get a Chief Executive who will stay with us for at least the next 5 to 7 years; someone who really knows and understands Buller; and, crucially, can inspire, motivate and work with people both inside and outside the Council.  Of course, while Keith and Louise will be helping us with the process, ultimately it is Council who should and will determine who the short-list of candidates will be, and it is Council who will also make the final selection.  We are well aware that this is a critical appointment for the whole district and we are determined to ensure that we select a great person. Once appointed, it will be important that we support our new Chief Executive and ensure that they are successful in the role; not just for us as a Council, but for the future of the district.”


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