Buller District Council

Finish line in sight for Bathurst Resources Limited

17th March, 2014

The Buller District Council has received the final recommendations of its expert panel appointed to advise on the 27 management plans submitted by Bathurst Resources Ltd in respect of its proposed Denniston Escarpment mine.

The management plans explain how Bathurst will give effect to the numerous conditions tagged on to the controversial consent to extract high quality coal from the Denniston Plateau.

The Council will be responsible for the monitoring of the management plans and it had sought the opinions of a four person panel of experts before given the all clear to Bathurst.

Buller District Council Mayor Mr Garry Howard says that the Council expects to take no more than two weeks to complete its final assessment of the plans and the expert panel advice.

“There are 27 plans that run to thousands of pages, plus the large expert panel input. Collectively they represent exhaustive management of every environmental aspect of the mine. The Council is duty bound to apply rigorous due diligence to the plans and this has taken some considerable time. The plans outline how Bathurst will meet the very high standards required by the consent condition and we have to be sure that they are comprehensive, reasonable, practical and represent best industry standards. I am now very pleased to say that the finish line is in sight and Council staff have told me that everything should be signed off within 10 working days or sooner.”

“I also want to acknowledge the on going commitment that Bathurst has made to sustainable modern mining in the Buller region. Bathurst has survived a process that was manipulated by extreme interests who care little for the future of the company or this community. The cost to the company has been enormous. Yet it has established its own stable New   Zealand market to underpin its short term activities, while it carefully develops the Escarpment mine and sets its self up for the inevitable return of higher export coal prices.”

“We now look to a long and fruitful association with Bathurst”, says Mayor Howard.


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