Buller District Council

Council launches Buller Vision Project

20th June, 2017

In follow up to last year’s values project and in the lead up to the Long Term Plan development, Buller District Council have launched the Buller Vision Project.

Chief Executive Andy Gowland-Douglas says:  “Last year’s valves project was very successful and now we need to add the next building block, our vision.  For it to be a successful and engaging vision it is very important that it is shared with our community”

Stage one of this project is a short online survey, this will then be followed up with workshops, focus groups and other engagement.   A community reference group (yet to be established) will then get the task of collating all this information and developing it into a clear and compelling vision and community outcomes.  Only at that stage it will go to Council, who will get the ultimate sign off.  The long Term Plan will be developed from there.

This survey will remain open until the end of July.


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